Bring us your old phones, iPads, and tablets

The lifespan of today's technology is getting shorter and shorter as time goes on. We at HelpdeskXpress do our best to help you extend that lifespan for as long as is reasonable, but at some point you'll decide to get something newer. What should you do with the old stuff?

Bring it in to us at HelpdeskXpress and leave it in our recycling bin - we will be sure it is disposed of safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner. We can remove the SIM card for you if not already removed and we can help you erase any data or information on the phone to keep your privacy secure.

We are located at the Slater Mill Mall in Jewett City Connecticut inside Two Sisters Shipping. We also have a repository in Groton at the Two Sisters Shipping office on Bridge Street.

Helpdesk Xpress

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Our office is located inside

in the historic Slater Mill Mall!

Affordable computer help for business and home.

"Tech know-how, when you need it."

If it has a power button, we can probably help you.

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Helpdesk Xpress is a service company. We don't aim to make a profit on retail items. We can purchase needed items for you (with a small reseller upcharge) but we would prefer to help YOU shop for the smartest and most affordable hardware options.