Helpdesk Xpress

Protection Plan

• We Install BitDefender - the Antivirus/Antimalware Software we trust

• Our Remote Support Software allows us to help you immediately, over the phone

• An annual HDX subscription will pay for itself with a reduced hourly labor rate and in saved costs due to pre-emptive action.

Here is what we provide for only $5 per month*:

*Annual commitment required
Professional Antivirus

Monitored Antivirus/Antimalware

You can be sure that this software will prevent infections on your computer and also in the fact that your computer will alert us if BitDefender encounters an attack. This allows us to proactively keep your systems safe.

Remote Assistance

With this remote access software we can work on your computer right from our office. This allows you to save on travel fees and to fix a problem within minutes of your call.

Travel Fees Waived

Two on-site visit travel fees waived

We will waive our usual $60/hr travel fee TWICE for each subscribed computer.

Save on Labor

15% Discount on labor rate

With a Helpdesk Xpress subscription you save 15% off our standard labor rate!

Additional services you may need:

Cloud Backup by iDrive

Computer hard drives are like the brakes on your car; it's not a matter of IF they will fail and require replacement, it's a question of WHAT are your options WHEN they fail. Protect yourself, your data, your pictures with our very affordable backup solution from iDrive.

Cloud Backup

Spanning Cloud Backup for Google GSuite and for Microsoft Office365

Enterprise-class, automated backup and recovery that you can trust for email, online/cloud storage, calendars, contacts for both Google's G Suite and for Microsoft's O365. Never lose another email, document, photo, calendar item, contact, etc. Wish you had a copy of that spreadsheet from 3 weeks ago? Spanning has it backed up for you and makes it easy to recover!